What is a bacaro tour and why you should try one

"Bacaro" is the term Venetians use for bars, those bars that offer the typical Venetian aperitif with an "ombra" and a "cicchetto".

You may have heard about this Venetian word “bacaro”, perhaps in our last blog post about the Venetian aperitif or just surfing the web.

“Bacaro” is the term Venetians use for bars, those bars that offer the typical Venetian aperitif with an “ombra” (small glass of wine) and a “cicchetto” (something typical to eat).

Venetians love to take a bit of time after work to enjoy the summer vibes near the canal, with a glass of wine or maybe a spritz. We usually stop by 3-4 bars before going home and this is what we call “a bacaro tour”.

There a lot of reasons why you should do a bacaro tour at least once, during your time in Venice and we are here to tell you what these reasons are. 


1. Having fun with locals

The very first reason why you should try a Bacaro Tour is that is a way to meet locals and have fun with them.

A bacaro is a place where people meet to spend a nice couple of hours together, which is something you might want to do too, during your holiday time.

2. You’ll taste amazing and typical things

We wrote an entire blog post about this subject since the Venetian cuisine is full of these chicchetti. Here are two examples of what you can find and taste.

Our favorite cicchetto is the classic half-egg with anchovies, but we don’t dislike a plate of sardines with onions, the so-called “sardele in saor”.

3. Experience a unique way of having happy hour

A bacaro tour is like what you call “a pub crawl” with the difference that you start it at 6 pm and not at night.


Venetians are used to it; they mostly prefer this way of having happy hour instead of sitting in a single bar for ages.

Walking is part of Venetian culture and, in some way, it’s quite a consequence they include it in their aperitif-time too.

We are sure you’ll enjoy having happy hour in the Venetian way. If you need any help in finding these typical and original bacari we will be happy to show those we love the most.

And if after your bacaro tour you haven’t enough of the Venetian food and you’d like to have a dinner like a local, in this article you’ll find our best suggestions.