3 must-see islands in Venice you don't know (but should)

Everyone who arrives in Venice for the first time obviously focuses on the main attractions of the city, such as St. Mark's Square or Rialto Bridge.

Everyone who arrives in Venice for the first time obviously focuses on the main attractions of the city, such as St. Mark’s Square or Rialto Bridge. But there are at least 3 must-see islands in Venice you probably don’t know, that you should consider visiting during your stay.

San Servolo Island

The story of San Servelo dates back to the eighth century when a group of Benedictine monks lived here. Then they were joined by some nuns, escaping from Malmocco island, because of a recent seaquake.

must-see islands in venice

By the beginning of the eighteenth century, the Senate of the Serenissima Republic decided to dedicate the San Servolo to a new military hospital.

Then, the hospital was used to cure people with mental problems.

Today, the island of San Sevolo can be considered one of the must-see isles in Venice because it hosts an incredible garden with thousands of plants, coming from all over the world and a suggestive museum, about the life of the previous mental hospital.

San Lazzaro degli Armeni island

The Saint Lazarus of the Armenians Island is a small isle in the Venetian Lagoon, facing St. Mark’s basin.
It’s called so, since there’s a monastery of the Mekhitarists, an Armenian Catholic congregation, since 1717.

must-see islands in venice

Here, you can visit the monastery, including the wonderful and extremely ancient library there’s inside.

The church of San Lazzaro was renovated several times during the years and contains some paintings of the Italian painter Palma il Giovane, Paoletti and many others.

San Francesco del Deserto island

If you’re looking for a place away from noise and crowd, San Francesco del Deserto island will like you.
This is a magical place, where the time seems not to pass. It’s a place where men live in harmony with nature and where you can forget about any problem.
San Francesco del Deserto is an island close to Burano island, where a group of Franciscan monks lives.

It’s a pearl in the Venetian lagoon, where you can hear the voice of the wind and the song of the birds.

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