Valentine's day in Venice: all the things to

Why not spend Valentine's day in Venice? Probably it's something you've already thought about, but for now, it's still just a thought.

Why not spend Valentine’s day in Venice? Probably it’s something you’ve already thought about, but for now, it’s still just a thought.

In this article, you’ll find some ideas of the things you can do on Valentine’s day in Venice, from which you can take some inspiration.

What you should do on Valentine’s day in Venice

Being with your partner in the city of romanticism and love is already a gift, no doubt on it. But you can make your stay even better, enriching it with some of these things to do.

Romantic Dinner

Candles and tasty traditional dishes, with the silence of the lagoon rocking your evening. Everything will be perfect if you select the right restaurant.

It might sound obvious, but if you choose the wrong one, your romantic dinner will turn into a nightmare.

You can ask us about where to eat like a local in Venice at the reception, and we will be happy to suggest the right place for the occasion.

Gondola Ride

Don’t get fooled by the weather; it’s not too cold for a gondola ride in February. Every gondola has a lap blanket to keep you warm during the tour.

Valentine's day in Venice

When you see Venice by the water, on its typical transportation, you’ll appreciate this city even more and certainly, your Valentine’s Day will be unforgettable.

Walking hand in hand throughout the streets

You can walk around the city in the daylight and visit the most important attractions, with your better half, but don’t miss Venice at night.

A blanket of fog will cover the city, creating a surreal and mystic atmosphere. Don’t be afraid of walking and dancing in the empty St. Mark’s Square, also known as “the most beautiful ballroom, under the stars of the world”.

Get lost

If you don’t get lost in Venice, you won’t get lost anywhere else. This city is a labyrinth and hides a lot of secret places and corners. Try to go away from the most beaten paths and give yourself the chance to discover a Venice that few people know.

Valentine's day in Venice

Share this incredible experience with your partner, taking some pictures of you two among narrow streets, romantic canals and suggestive landscapes.

Venice has always been the city of love and vices, where everything is possible, like in a fairytale.
If you’ve planned to spend Valentine’s day in Venice this year, we will be glad to host you at our hotel and give you all the information you need to enjoy this day at its best!

If you’re planning to stay for a weekend or a couple of day, here’s an idea for a 2-days itinerary in Venice.